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It's a new day, and time to try new things.

I'm dating myself, but I've been a graphic designer since 1989. I started before there were computers! We used wax, exacto knives and straight edges to set text and images on artboards, then film was produced and sent to the printers. It was a very complex process - there was no "undo" button - if you messed up, you peeled it off the artboard and started over. We used to say, "Speed, quality, or cost - you only get two. If you want it fast but don't want to pay much, then the quality may not be great. If you want fast and demand quality, you're definately going to pay a lot more. If you want want it cheap and don't care about quality, then find another designer." Good designers aren't interested in doing cheap, crappy work.

I always found being a graphic designer was entertaining, never the same, and usually very interesting. However, the one thing that never seems to change are the deadlines. They can be brutal, and you'll often find designers working late at night to meet a clients' deadline, because good designers meet deadline. It's also a fact, creativity can not be turned on and off like a light switch. There are days when the lights are very bright, and others where you're fumbling in the dark for inspiration. So if someone questions your time, remind them they are not paying for the time it takes you to hit a couple key strokes on the keyboard. They are paying for your expertise in providing a creative solution that meets their marketing objectives and is flexible for all their advertising needs. Creativity is not about the software program, it is about the idea, the concept, and the solution. Good designers will achieve that.

After soooo many years, I've scaled back a bit so I can pursue other creative paths. I am currently assisting the National Wildfire Coordination Center as a Web Assistant, and in my spare time I'm strongly engaging my right hemisphere doing fine art that's purly selfish, with no damn deadlines. It is a refreshing change.

I've also been doing a bit of PRCA Rodeo Photography. Therefore, You might want to take a peak at my portfolio to view my other passion, photography. Follow me on Instagram for the most current happenings @afpdesignphoto or check out the link "What's Goin' On" to see what my current projects might be.

This year will be dedicated to sharing photography, illustration, and thoughts as they happen. Let me know what you think...share my my pictures...hire me for a photo gig! Fair warning, speed is no longer in the equation, so all you get is the quality. Cost is negotiable :-)